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How do I make an appointment?
Contact Susan by phone 520-270-6351 (voice or text), email or message on FaceBook (see badge in left column).You can leave your deposit in person or by using the check out service on the HOME page.

How do I prepare for my appointment?

Be rested! And nourish your body with good food. Please inform Susan of any physical problems, illnesses or disabilities you might have. **If you are prone to fever blisters it is advisable to contact your doctor for an anti-viral prescription before having your lips tattooed.**

What should I expect during the tattoo sitting?
Cosmetic appointments last between 2 to 3 hours. Body art appointments could be all day. There is a little paperwork to do and then Susan will spend time drawing on your face or talking to you about the design for your cosmetics or body art There is also time for color selection and blending. Most cosmetic procedures need 20 or 30 minutes of numbing time. Topical numbing cremes are used. **Numbing is available for body art as well! The second sitting for permanent cosmetics is generally shorter and takes place 6 weeks later. If other arrangements need to be made, please discuss this with Susan.

How do I care for my new Permanent Cosmetics?
**Your new permanent cosmetics will be dark and dramatic the first few days. They might also be swollen. There will be some redness and discomfort. Do not try to cover the darkness or redness with make up. And treat the swelling with cold compresses or ice. Rest is also very helpful. But you can expect to resume your regular activities the day following your procedure as long as you take steps to properly care for your tattoo. Ice can be helpful for large body art and intense color sessions also.

**For the first 3 days you will need to wash your new tattoo often with a mild and gentle soap. As often as needed to keep the fluids from building up and forming a scab. You will also use a thin layer of Vaseline or Vitamin E oil continually for the first 3 to 5 days. The ointment will help to protect your open skin and will help to retard scabbing. It also helps the skin in the initial phase of healing to begin the reformation of a new cell layer. It is very important to discontinue the ointment use after 3 days and switch to a hypo allergenic moisturizer. DO NOT USE “ANTI AGING” PRODUCTS OR EXFOLIATORS. The aftercare for lips is slightly different than for eyeliner or eyebrows. Lips will tend to scab easier and peel faster and deeper. Because of this copious amounts of Vaseline (or Aquaphore) are needed and Vaseline (or Aquaphore) is to be used for a minimum of 2 weeks during the healing process for lips. And during this period you should not wear lipstick (you will not need to anyway).

**It is extremely important during the healing of your new tattoo that you protect it from sun. And to keep your tattoo work looking fresh and sharp you should always protect your skin from sun damage.

**Your tattoo will go through stages as it heals. At times it might be spotty looking or become very light. This is usually around week 2 but might occur sooner.

**For Permanent Make-up....At 4 weeks it is time to call Susan and set up for your second sitting (if we haven't already scheduled it). The second sitting is to finish the permanent cosmetic procedure. At this time any irregularities in coloring will be blended and lip color will be deepened. Sometimes body art might require a touch up as well.

**Now that you have tattooed make up you need to check the labels of all your facial products. Do not use products containing exfoliators or acids or products labeled as “anti-aging” on your tattoos. You can still use these products on your face but use care to keep them off the tattooed areas.

Body Art Aftercare
Before removing the bandage apply ice for 10 minutes or so. Remove the bandage. Wash carefully but thoroughly with mild soap and warm water. Use your fingertips to feel if you are trying to scab. Gently wash until any build up is dissolved. Pat dry. Apply Aquaphore or Eucerin crème. Use a small amount but rub it in completely. Pat off excess ointment. Continue this cycle of ice, washing and ointment every few hours for the first 24 to 48 hours. Possible even 3 days. Make a special effort to care for your tattoo during the first night!! Protect your new tattoo from tight clothing, rubbing on surfaces or clothing and sticking to sheets and clothing. Protect your tattoo from the sun and from chemicals. Wash – but do not soak your tattoo in the tub, pool or hot tub...lakes...etc. Expect your tattoo to be sore, red, possibly swollen. If secretions are allowed to form and dry it will get tight and painful. And you could lose color in the healing if you allow that to happen. Do not shave newly tattooed areas for at least a month!! Discontinue use of ointment at 2 to 5 days and use a high quality lotion to help with itchiness and peeling.
Listen to your body! If you are using a product and it burns – quit using it and switch brands.
And if you have any questions email, text or call Susan.

Susan works by appointment. Call 520-270-6351 or email her


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